Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 How does Online Crime Reporting work?
Answer 1 The report that you are submitting will be entered into our records management system. An incident number will be generated that you can use for an ICBC or insurance claim.
Question 2 How fast will my Online Crime Report be processed?
Answer 2 Your report will be processed immediately after you submit the report.
Question 3 What are the system requirements and browser requirements?
Answer 3 The application is designed to work on Windows and macOS desktop computers as well as any mobile device. It will operate best using the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
Question 4 What if I have an ICBC claim associated to my incident?
Answer 4 For ICBC claims, you can make your ICBC appointment and get an estimate done before receiving an incident number from the police. ICBC will hold your claim and when you do provide the claim number and police incident number they can then authorize repairs.

For hit and run incidents and other queries, please contact ICBC at 604-520-8222.