For emergencies please call 9-1-1

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 Do I need to be the victim of the crime to report it online?
Answer 1 Yes, because this helps us reduce duplication of files. If you are unsure if you are the victim or have any other inquiries, please call 1-855-565-7555 or email
Question 2 Is there a way to track my report once it has been submitted?
Answer 2 No. You will be followed up with by a police officer if more information is required.
Question 3 What do I do if I want to follow up with my report?
Answer 3 Call 1-855-565-7555 or email and provide the reference number given to you when you submitted your online crime report.
Question 4 Are online crime reports taken as seriously as reports taken over the phone or in person?
Answer 4 Yes. Although the types of crime that can be reported online are less critical than some, we take all reports of crime seriously. Online crime reports will be investigated the same as a crime reported in any other way. Reporting crime helps the police identify where they are needed and guides future patrols.
Question 5 I don't have a crime to report but I have a general inquiry. Where do I go?
Answer 5 Please contact your local detachment. Your local detachment’s contact information can be found here:
Question 6 Is the online crime reporting tool a 24-hour service?
Answer 6 Yes, but follow up calls and support are only available during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.
Question 7 How do I know if the crime I want to report is within RCMP jurisdiction?
Answer 7

The online crime reporting tool will not allow you to submit an online report if the crime you are reporting is outside of RCMP jurisdiction. The following areas in Alberta have their own police forces and means of reporting crime. To report a crime in one of these areas, please reach out to them directly.

  1. Edmonton
  2. Calgary
  3. City of Camrose
  4. Town of Taber
  5. City of Lacombe
  6. City of Lethbridge
  7. Lakeshore Regional Police
  8. Tsuu T’ina Police
  9. Blood Tribe Police
  10. Medicine Hat Police

If you are unsure or having trouble, please contact 1-855-565-7555 or email for further assistance.

Question 8 How do I find more information about joining the RCMP or the RCMP in Alberta?
Answer 8 Please visit
Question 9 Will reporting an incident affect my citizenship status or application?
Answer 9 No. Reporting an incident will not affect your citizenship or application status.